1.1 What is NBC Plus?

NBC Plus is an Over the Top Service that allows you to watch nbc channels on your Mobile Phone, Tablet, Laptop and Desktop anywhere and everywhere provided that you have access to internet.

1.2 How do I subscribe to the NBC Plus?

Sign in to connect your account to the app by downloading the NBC Plus mobile application on your Mobile Phone, Tablet or Iphone. The Mobile application is available on Apple Stores and Android Play Store.

1.3 How do I watch NBC Plus on my Laptop or desktop?

To stream from a desktop or laptop, you'll need to point your browser to nbc.deod.tv and sign into your nbcplus account. Upon signing into the nbcplus account, all the nbc Television and Radio Channels will be available for your entertainment.

1.4 How do I watch NBC on my Android phone, Iphone and Tablet?

NBC Plus is available on IOS and Android Devices

  • Download NBC Plus App on either your Android Device or IOS Devices
  • Allow Installation
  • Install and Register, choose a package, Sign in and enjoy your viewing experience

Since NBC Plus is a streaming service, subscribers can only stream over the internet, and the content cannot be downloaded.

1.5 How much do I need to pay for NBC Plus?

NBC Plus subscription fee costs N$ 49.99 per month.

1.6 What if I’m travelling or relocating, how does this affect my account?

If you’re travelling to another country or relocating, NBC Plus will be available anywhere and anytime.

1.7 Can I watch NBC Plus while I’m travelling?

Yes you can. As long as you have data on your device or connected to stable WiFi.